Exterior Painting

Portland Painting Contractor

Something as simple as fresh new paint can drastically change the entire look and curb appeal of a home.  At JM Painting we understand this and take the time to consult with our clients on the look they are going for and how we can get it done.

JM Painting is a fully licensed, bonded and insured painting company serving the greater Portland metro area and SW Washington.  We take pride in our work and take extra steps in consulting our customers on the specific look they are wanting with an exterior painting job on their home.

When it comes to a successful exterior painting job preparation is key, it all starts with a properly prepped surface, if we find any major issues in our prepping we will bring it to your attention so that the appropriate action(s) can be taken.  Prior to any exterior painting we take time to pressure wash the entire painting surface to remove any moss, mildew or grime that will affect the longevity of the new paint, in addition we can pressure wash walkways/driveways if requested.  Once the surface is fully dry we will scrape any loose paint away and sand any rough edges that are left to ensure a smooth and consistent look.

You can also expect us to apply primer to any bare wood, caulk any splits in wood and windows.  Finally we will mask all windows, doors, landscaping and walkways to ensure there is no overspray.

Once all prep work is complete we will being the exterior painting using a sprayer, roll and/or brush where is necessary.  Once all work is completed we do a final inspection with our customers to get a final sign off on the project.

We understand that there are many choices when it comes to painting contractors however our reputation, experience and attention to details makes us the best choice for your exterior painting needs.