New Construction Painting

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New Construction painting is like working with a blank canvas and is a specialty at JM Painting.  We work many of the top builders throughout Portland and SW Washington turning bare wood and drywall into a place to call home.

While painting a new home or addition may seem like a simple task, it may not be as easy as you think. New walls require a little extra work if you want to end up with a first-rate paint job. The key is proper preparation, preparing the walls correctly and using the right tools and supplies is vital to ensure the paint adheres to the drywall properly and provides a smooth, even finish.

After new walls are installed, they’re usually covered with dust from the construction. Before you can prime and paint the walls, the dust must be properly removed if you want a smooth, even finish.. Depending on the condition of the walls sometimes a microfiber cloth will work well but in certain conditions a shop vac is a better option to remove all the dust.

Primer is an important step when painting new walls as they need additional sealing for the paint to adhere properly. Choice of primer is just as important, at JM Painting we understand what primers will work best to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

Finally the right choice of paint is crucial.  Based on the builders or buys wants as well as the remaining construction to be done, we will pick the best paint for the job whether it be flat, satin or eggshell finish paint.

Our attention to detail is what has led us to be a top choice for builders and new construction paint jobs.  We have been chosen for Street of Dreams homes and many custom homes that require the highest level of quality that we put into every home we paint.

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality painting company with the all the equipment, crews and experience call JM Painting.

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